Presenting The New Duda Editor

Completely Rebuilt for Speed & Productivity 

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What’s New?

Duda’s responsive website builder has been rebuilt from the ground up to create a richer, smoother and quicker site building experience. We’ve optimized every feature of the platform to improve your agency’s efficiency and productivity. 

Incredible Productivity 

A slicker and faster experience means you can build more sites than ever. 

Updates You Asked For

You asked, we listened. The new Duda editor is packed with features you requested.

Robust Technology 

Rebuilt with React, your website building platform is more robust and flexible. 
“No other website builder has ever enabled us to build beautiful, intelligent websites this quickly and efficiently. It’s been a pleasure working with Duda.”
Jon Stribling, Chief Digital Officer at Spotzer


Duda’s new editor is designed with productivity in mind, so you can spend more time prospecting for customers and less time designing and developing. 

Faster Platform

The new Duda editor loads 40% faster than the old one. Think of how much you can do with that extra time! 

Right-Click, Left-Click

Save clicks to save time! Left-click on a feature to open its main editor or right-click on any widget to see additional options. 

Improved Drag & Drop

Super intuitive and fluid, the new editor enables you to make precise changes like never before. Need a new column or row for a widget? It will auto-generate when you drag the widget into place.
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Simple Widget Search 

Find the widgets you need instantly. Just search for any relevant keyword on the “widget” tab search box.

Global Design

Make site-wide changes in no time. Change button designs, alter the font and color of text, select backgrounds per page, choose a global image and more.

Content Auto-Save

You’ll now save time when adding business info to a site. Addresses, emails, social networks and more will automatically be saved to a site’s Content Library when added in a widget. 

Your Requests

Thanks to all the wonderful and ongoing feedback you give us, we were able to incorporate many of your feature requests into the new editor. 

New Technology

The new Duda editor has been entirely rebuilt in React, a Javascript library created by Facebook and ideal for building gorgeous and consistent user interfaces. 
React not only enables us to provide a smoother, richer experience for you and your clients, but makes it easier for us to respond to your feature requests faster, so that we update the editor in a fraction of the time it used to take.
To find out more about why we chose React for the new editor, check out this interview with Duda’s client architect. 
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Can I go back to the old editor if I want?

Yes, you can, and you won’t lose anything at all. Just click the toggle button in the top left corner next to the Duda logo in your editor to turn off the new Duda editor, and the old editor will return. Please note: New features that are only available in the new editor cannot be edited in the old version.

Will my sites change in the new editor?

No. Your new sites will function in exactly the same way as your old sites; however, any features exclusive to the new editor will not be available for editing in the old editor.

Will my old site work with the new editor?

Yes. All Duda responsive websites can now be accessed and edited using the new editor.

When will the old editor become unavailable?

The old Duda editor will still be available to you and your clients until February 2017. After February, the old editor will no longer be accessible and all responsive websites will be built and edited in the new editor.

Can my staff see the new editor, can they switch between them?

If you have staff members, they can move back and forth between the new and old editors using the toggle in the top left corner of the editor. Once the old editor is shut down, your staff will only see the new one.

Can my customers see the new editor?

No, customers will not be able to see the new editor unless you actively turn it on from the Custom Branding section (under the DudaPro tab in the dashboard). Please note that this turns on the new editor for all customers at the same time, and cannot be done on a per customer basis.

Will my previous custom branding settings carry over?

Yes, with a few caveats. We have added two new design controls that allow you to select the color for text on a dark background and buttons in your white label version of the editor. Also, if you used the custom CSS feature, the CSS classes/styles you added will not necessarily carry over to the new editor. They will need to be re-written to work with the new editor. So even though we don’t expect there to be many issues, we recommend you test out and review your white label tools just to be sure.

Are there features in the old editor that aren’t available in the new one?

At launch, there are a few features you may notice are missing in the new editor. Multi-Language, Contact Form integration, Push Notifications, Facebook Albums, and the Multi-Location widget are currently not included in the new editor.

Is the new editor supported on all browsers?

Currently, the new Duda editor is supported Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and newer versions of Safari. It is not supported on Internet Explorer 11 at this time, but we are working to resolve this as quickly as possible.

Is the new editor available in languages other than English?

Not at this time, but additional language options will be made available in the next couple of weeks.

What happened to “inSite”?

The name “inSite” has been replaced in the Duda editor with the term “Personalize” and a single “inSite” is now called a “rule”. The reason for this change is we found inSite to be a brand name that was becoming synonymous with Duda. As a website builder that offers a white label version of its platform, we thought it’d be a good idea to use a more generic term inside the editor.

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